Towards Climate- and Ecosocial Curricula

Learning, teaching and getting organized when the world is on fire

Image by Anne-Ly Redlich

What is this?

Are you a parent, teacher or student who thinks the socio-ecological crisis urgently needs to be addressed in schools? We invite you to join a process of collective conversations, learning and scheming about eco-social curricula in education (primary, secondary and in part university). Between January and September 2024, this will entail a monthly online forum with presentations of campaigns and tools as well as a space of mutual advice; two online labs; and an in-person encounter. In this process we will exchange tools, tactics and campaign experiences across different institutional frames, as well as build an archive of existing eco-social learning materials and curricula that will be open to use. We want to bridge knowledges and efforts across student, parent and teacher levels, as well as across locations. Our process is open to all and sets out to provide a frame for mutual support in our efforts to make education reflect socio-ecological crisis and knowledges, from the smallest attempts to bring exercises and materials into classrooms, to larger campaigns within specific institutions as well as at different national levels. Our focus is on how changing education is a matter of methods, classrooms, communities and institutions – and where synergies across those are possible and powerful.

Who is this for?

Parents, teachers, students and anyone else who feels the urgency for schools to address climate and ecological crisis in ways that reflect social justice; who feels like reaching out, getting organized, getting inspired by examples and materials, and formulating a critique and campaign towards eco-social learning in educational systems. All ages and local contexts are welcome – we start out with the explicit aim of mixing people at different levels of experience and education, and across different local and national contexts.

Calendar 2024:

What does this look like?

Forums (online):

There’ll be monthly online forum sessions between January and June 2024, each starting off with an input about an inspiring campaign, learning resource or experience, followed by a mutual advice clinic where we hear from everyone about the situation they want to intervene in, and mutually advise and support one another. Sessions will be held in English (but we’re a multilingual crew). Forums are from 6.30pm – 8.15pm CET, on the last Thursday of the month, except on public holidays. 25 January, 29 February, 21 March, 18 April, 23 May, 27 June 2024. To get an impression, you can watch the recording of our introductory forum.

Labs (online):

We’re doing two online labs focusing on specific traditions and methodologies of situated co-learning and campaigning. On 15th February 2024, 5pm – 8pm, the lab will be on methods for working with climate anxiety (with Psychologists for Future tbc). On 2nd May 2024, 5pm – 8 pm CET, the lab will be on place-based pedagogy and militant research.

Gathering (in-person):

There’ll be a gathering in early autumn (20-21-22 September 2024) to join forces, take stock, launch the archive of materials that we’re building, as well as move into a next phase together.


Throughout and beyond we’re building an open online archive of materials. This is part of a three year process of working towards a larger campaign for eco-social education. 2024 will be our pilot year.