Tools and Tactics for Agroecological Transition – Spring 2023 course

Facilitating Agroecological Transitions (opening event)
Beyong Agri-exploitation: social syndicalisms
Beyond private propterty: land and onwership struggles
Beyond capitalist food systems: cooperativism & livelihoods
Beyond agri-ecocide: documentation and co-research
Strategies for transforming agriculture (final event)

Channeling the Forces of Reproduction – spring 2022 course

Channeling the Forces of Reproduction w/Stefania Barca
Feminist and antiracist syndicalisms w/Pastora Filigrana
Feminist and anti racist organizing w/Sezonieri, Jornaleras de Huelva en Lucha & Widerstand am Tellerrand
Popular Peastant Feminisms w/La Via Campesina
Ecofeminism, Climate Crisis and Urban Food Politics w/Amaranta Herrero

Tools and Methods

Issue Identification
Care Network Mapping
Mapping fields of power

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