How to use this platform

How to use this platform

This platform attempts to satisfy its mission through three primary means: courses, encounters, and podcasts. 

Courses invite movement-builders and organizers to participate in sustained, multidirectional learning processes that investigate a shared problem and cultivate new conceptual tools. Courses are meant to inspire collective engagement and develop trust through transversal inquiry and problem-solving based off of actually existing obstacles and blockages that transformative movements are facing in their situated environments. While most of the courses we aim to offer will be online (greatly lowering barriers of participation and amplifying the capacity of translocal connection), we do aim to offer courses in hybrid and offline capacities as well.

Where courses provide means for inter- and intra-movement dialogue over sustained periods of time, encounters are spaces for intense short-term, embodied conviviality and collective experience-making in a single locality. Encounters aspire to focus as much on the sociality needed to make bonds full, meaningful, and complex, as they do on the circulation of the knowledges needed for our movements to become stronger, more powerful, and planetary.

Our podcasts focus on circulating a plurality of expertises and experiences of struggle between courses and encounters to stir movement learning from a distance and asynchronously and act as preludes, continued conversations, and hypotheses generated between courses and encounters. Spadework Podcast focuses on circulating organizing and movement-building know-how by uncovering the practices, techniques and mechanisms that make resilient, rewarding, and effective organizations and movements. Earthcare Fieldcast focuses on transversal and translocal struggles that bridge ecology and care as perspectives, listening into stories, situations, and strategies that can inspire change. Through these channels, we circulate the conversations that the Common Ecologies ecosystem is cultivating by the broadest means possible.

Note: this is the beta version of what our website will become – soonish we’ll improve features and design, and add a back-end space for course participants.

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