Autumn Gathering: building a school for movement

Oct 27-28 2023, Vienna (and partially online)

It’s time to gather and think and scheme together! This autumn we’ll meet in Vienna to launch our exciting new working strands through a series of debates, presentations and workshops – calling on all friends and allies to join us, to stake out what we can build in common. Check the programme and register here.

New seasons, new people, new strands, new plans!

coming slowly and soon

We’re growing, extending and deepening our work! We go slow because we aim to go far – soon you’ll find us updating our website, and launch new projects, courses and events here. Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter to make sure to get our latest news.

Tactics for Agroecological Transition: course for collectives

Feb-March 2023

Check out our course with collectives, co-ops and platforms that work with specific tactics & tools for Agroecological Transition! This is a course for mutual learning, networking and strategizing between collective actors in the movements for food sovereignty, climate justice, migrant rights and beyond – generating a compendium of key tactics. For groups only, but we welcome newly formed groups!

Tactics for Agroecological Transition: public events online

Feb-March 2023

Join our public event series to discuss key tactics and stakes for Agroecological Transition, learning from groups, co-ops, activists and researchers that accompany our course for collectives. We will not only discuss why agri-transition is key for our collective survival and socioecological justice, but also map out pathways for facilitating transformation.

Out now! A manual for facilitating agroecological transitions, by Daniel López García and Guillem Tendero Acín. Step by step inspiration for facilitating agroecological processes in rural and urban contexts. Translated and abridged from Spanish for our course on Agroecological Transition. Read and download it here!

Summer Gathering 2022

August 26+27 2022, Berlin+online

Join our gathering to discuss movement learning, the knowledges, platforms and spaces we need! In Berlin as well as online, we meet to shape Common Ecologies and strengthen our webs of alliance and collaboration, and learn from key movement school referents.

Youtube Channels

Our Video Channel is up!

Check out our new playlists: Toolkit&Methods and Forces of Reproduction Course Videos for shorter and longer bits of learning materials and debate

From Farmwork to Carework

English translation just out

We’re very excited to present an English translation of Pastora Filigrana’s ‘From Farm-Work to Care-Work: Towards a Feminist and Anti-Racist Syndicalism‘!

Channeling the forces of reproduction

April-June 2022

Key practices & concepts for feminist social-ecological transformation, building alliances across agriculture, labour and climate justice. Why earthcare matters for us all, with key activists and thinkers from Europe and Latin America

Climate and the social question

June-July 2022

How we pivot to climate in housing, labour and energy organizing. A strategic workshop to build alliances and forge new proposals and debates

The Earthcare Fieldcast

The Spadework Podcast