Towards Agroecological Futures. How to facilitate local agroecological transitions: a manual

We’re excited to present ‘Towards Agroecological Futures: how to facilitate local agroecological transitions‘ (download), an inspiring text that presents a precise analysis of our current food system crises and the need for agroecology, at the same time as offering a practice-oriented toolkit for action and collective process. This text appeals to us all as facilitators of potential agroecological transitions, encouraging collective action and co-research. Written by Daniel López García and Guillem Tendero Acín, it presents the method of Local Agroecological Dynamization, ready to be picked up and used by anyone – in the countryside or city, be they food producers or community activists. ‘Toward Agroecological Futures’ is an abridged and updated English version of the Spanish ‘Manual para la Dinamización Agroecológica Local’ that was published by Inland-Campo Adentro in 2013 (also available here in a shorter Spanish version). It was translated for our course on Tools&Tactics for Agroecological Transition by Maggie Schmitt (Zenobia traducciónes), in cooperation with the MovE research project, with new forewords by author Daniel López García as well as by Common Ecologies.

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