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Transforming Agriculture and Beyond – the Book

Infrastructures, Tools and Tactics for Agroecological Struggles and their Allies

written & edited by the Common Ecologies Earthcare Strand

This collectively made book is a compendium of tactics and tools for agreocological transition, gleaned from different struggles at the forefront of socio-ecological change in Europe. It presents 13 broad tactical approaches and 5 legal-organizational models for transformation and justice in the world of agriculture and beyond, as well as plenty of tools. Knowing that within and beyond agriculture there are ecological, feminist and anti-racist struggles, this book documents how fighting for agroecology also means pushing for land and labour rights, for commons and cooperativism, community and territorial power, climate justice, translocal and transversal solidarity, and direct democracy – and against the privatizing, extractive and ecocidal model of agroindustry. The struggles and infrastructures we portray here link, broaden and embolden agroecology, by showing powerful connections and strategic horizons. They show that another agriculture possible, extending justice and care from the countryside into the city. This book is not an exhaustive compendium but a starting point for inspiration, based in a long term process of learning, coursework and co-creation of the Common Ecologies Earthcare strand. This work is growing and ongoing.


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