Us, our allies and referents

Common Ecologies is

…a platform for movement learning. We organize courses and make podcasts – for people, groups and organizations that struggle for socio-ecological transformation and justice. Our work is based out of Berlin and Vienna at the moment, linking to an international network of collaborators and advisors. We work mostly in English but also translate useful knowledges from different languages and contexts. Our work is of and for the commons, fostering ecological perspectives that include care and justice at an environmental and social level.

Who we are

Antje Dieterich – Antje is a movement researcher, organizing trainer, and Die Linke apparatchik. She has participated in workplace and migrant struggles in the United States and Germany. Through the Werkstatt für Bewegungsbildung, she facilitates spaces where ordinary people can experiment with toolboxes that help them build rewarding, resilient, and politically effective organizations. As a co-host at Spadework podcast, she helps circulate that organizing insight more broadly. She lives in Berlin.

Bue Rübner Hansen – Bue is a researcher, teacher and theorist interested in questions of ecology, social reproduction, and movement tactics and strategies. He has participated in the Danish and British Student Movements, in the migrant solidarity movement, the municipalism movement in Barcelona, and the climate justice movement. He occasionally serves as a strategic advisor, and loves to develop and teach concepts and mapping tools that can enhance people’s own capacities to analyze situations and think strategically. Bue is a part of the editorial collective of Viewpoint Magazine, a US-based publication of theory and practice. 

Daniel Gutiérrez – Daniel is a movement researcher focused on the problem of workers’ organization, power, and strategy. In the United States, he was head steward of UAW Local 2865, and since moving to Berlin in 2015, he has been involved in Solidarity City Berlin and Deutsche Wohnen & Co. Enteignen. Along with Antje, he is an organizing trainer at the Werkstatt für Bewegungsbildung and a co-host of Spadework podcast. He lives in Berlin.

Manuela Zechner – Manuela is a researcher and facilitator focused on the intersections of feminism, ecology, micropolitics and institutional transformation. She’s been politicized in precarity, feminist and migrant solidarity struggles in the UK, Austria and Spain, and doing community and municipalist organizing. Manu facilitates workshops, collective research and arts education processes – across movements, cultural spaces, schools and the university. She co-edits books from experimental collective processes, recently published ‘Commoning Care&Collective Power’ (transversal texts), builds the Future Archive since 2005 and co-makes the Earthcare Fieldcast.

Adriana Eysler – Adriana is a teacher and movement participant/organiser in renters and precarious worker struggles in the UK.

Michel Jungwirth – Michel is a berlin-based activist and organizer in antiracist and municipalist movements and occasional facilitator as part of the Werkstatt für Bewegungsbildung.

Our advisors

(list in progress)

Katharine Ainger, Port Bou
Rosalie Arendt, Berlin
Valery Alzaga, London
Camille Barbagallo, Essex
Stefania Barca, Santiago de Compostela
Kylie Benton-Connell, Sydney
Nic Beuret, Essex
Kevin Buckland, Barcelona
Uli Brand, Vienna
Carlos Delclos, Barcelona
Melissa Garcia-Lamarca, Barcelona
Andrea Ghelfi, Florence
Christos Giovannopoulos, Athens
Janna Graham, Leicester/London
Amarata Herrero, Barcelona
Panagiota Kotsila, Barcelona
Lis Mason-Deese, US
Tomislav Medak, Zagreb
Keir Milburn, Leeds
Jason W. Moore, Binghamton, US
Rodrigo Nunes, Rio de Janeiro
Dimitris Papadopoulos, Nottingham
Nora Räthzel, Umeå/Catalonia
Isabelle Saint-Saëns, Paris
Sarah Schilliger, Bern
Attila Szocs, Cluj

Illustrations on this website by the amazing Amanda Priebe <3

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