Spaces of Movement Learning

Starting soon!

Social movement learning spaces come in different forms and shapes, work together for and with different movements and adapt to different contexts. Some have played historically huge roles for successful social movements (think Highlander Folk School and the civil rights movement) – others aim to be similarly influential in these challenging times. Others might just want to contribute to social justice by providing retreat spaces for activists and organizers. 

Together, we want to start conversations with some of these spaces about their capabilities and how they function, hoping to inspire more groups to set up their own spaces or just to spread the word to you and your groups and make the existing ones more impactful. We aim to organize collective interviews with you and with the intention to imagine longer term infrastructures and sustainable ways of articulating activism and community through spaces – especially now that we so urgently need more resilient networks to facilitate and hold encounters, spaces and structures. 

While our social movement learning takes place in all places, we want to focus on specific spaces, such as social movement schools, agroecology schools, retreat spaces – in short projects that are bound to a specific place and running with a long-term setup. We want to explore how they are functioning, in terms of self-organization and (co-)ownership, not shying away from complex questions of decision-making, funding structures, property or legal forms.

In three initial sessions, we want to facilitate a space where we ask questions and learn together, towards creating a useful resource for our movements. our goal is to generate discussions and conversations where we will collectively create mappings of spaces and practices which hope to guide existing and future social movement learning spaces and projects to see which functions our spaces fulfill and where we can and need to do more.

Join us in this process – sign up coming soon!

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