Event series: Tactics for Agroecological Transition

Weds 1st February 2023, 19.30-21h CET
Facilitating Local Agroecological Transition

In this event, we launch our brand new translation of the Manual for Facilitating Local Agroecological Transition, with its co-author Daniel García López presenting its specific strategic and practical horizons – followed by an example of the very concrete work of agroecological facilitation by the catalan Arran de Terra cooperative. With an introduction by Common Ecologies and a comment by Inland/Campo Adentro. Join us to get your hands on some tools and inspirations, with this amazing line-up!

Thurs 9th March 2023, 19.30-21.00 CET
Why agri-transition is vital, and how we can build common strategies

In this event, we’ll present the outcomes and strategic hypotheses of our course on agroecological transformation, followed by reactions, reflections and broader thoughts by our Common Ecologies advisors Stefania Barca, Jason Moore, Amaranta Herrero and Andrea Ghelfi. Join us to hear what we take away from six sessions of dense collective debate in our course, to discuss with us, and learn with our fantastic advisors (who bring together perspectives of food sovereignty, global anticapitalism, ecofeminism, municipalism, the commons and agroecology networks).

…more events may be announced soon.

This series is organized in cooperation with the MovE project at Jena University.

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